Green Sun Shade Net

  • Material: 100% virgin HDPE +UV stabilized

  • Shade percentage: Varies from 30% to 90%

  • Width: 0.5m -12m

  • Length: Customized as request

  • Standard colors: Green, Black, Dark-green, Blue, Red, White


Green Sun Shade Net is a protective mesh cover designed to protect plants, patios, and outdoor areas from harmful UV rays and excessive sunlight.

It can ensure your plants thrive by regulating the amount of sunlight, while also creating a comfortable outdoor environment free from the scorching heat. With its simple yet effective design, it’s a must-have for every garden or outdoor space.


  Material  100% virgin HDPE +UV stabilized
  Standard colors  Green, Black, Dark-green, Blue, Red, White, Striped
  Width  0.5m -12m
  Length  Customized as request
  Shade percentage  Varies from 30% to 90%
  Weaving  Knitted
  Breathability  Allows air to pass through
  Water Permeability  Allow water to pass through
  Features  Anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, tear-resistant
  Packing  Plastic Bags in Rolls


green garden shade netting
green shade netting
 1. Agriculture  Protecting crops, fruits, flowers,and vegetables from direct sunlight.
 2. Nurseries and Greenhouses  Ensuring seedlings and young plants grow under optimal light conditions.
 3. Livestock  Offering shade to poultry, cattle, and other livestock, reducing stress and     increasing comfort.
 4. Aquaculture  Decreasing water temperature for fish ponds and hatcheries.
 5. Recreation  Serving as a sun shield in picnic areas, children’s play zones, and public parks
 6. Home and Architectural  Acting as a sun barrier for patios, balconies, and terraces.
 7. Car Parking  Using as a sunshade for parked cars, preventing interiors from heating up     excessively

Key Features

  • UV Protection: Adds UV stabilizers to protect the netting from degradation, ensuring longevity
  • Durability: Withstands various weather conditions, ideal for long-term outdoor use
  • Aesthetic Value: Beautifies spaces, making them appear more inviting
  • Breathable Design: Promotes adequate air circulation, keeping the area beneath cool
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for greenhouses, gardens, patios, playgrounds, animals, and more
  • Easy Installation: Lightweight and flexible, making it easy to set up, adjust, and remove


Q1: What is the size of green sun shade net?

The size of green sun shade net can be customized as the intended use. Common sizes are as follows:

  • 1m*100m
  • 2m*100m
  • 3m*50m
  • 4m*50m
  • 6m*50m
  • Max width: 12m

For further details, welcome to consult QiBang directly.

Q3: What is the lifespan of green sun shade net?

– The lifespan of green sun shade net largely depends on its material quality, UV stabilization, and environmental factors like exposure to sun, rain, and wind.

– Typically, a good quality green shade net can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and proper storage can also extend its lifespan.

Q3: What color sun shade net is best for shading?

Black and green sun shade net is popular for their shading effectiveness.

  • Black absorbs and blocks sunlight effectively but can retain heat, necessitating good ventilation.
  • Green is also effective and can be visually pleasing, blending into natural surroundings while absorbing less heat than black.

Consider the material, weave density, and the specific shading needs of your area when choosing a shade cloth.


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