Heavy Duty Poultry Netting

  • Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

  • UV Resistant: Yes

  • Color: Dark Green

  • Twine: 380D/12Ply

  • Mesh Size: 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 3.5 inch

  • Depth: 19.5 mesh-42.5 mesh

  • Length: 280 mesh, 300 mesh


– Heavy Duty Poultry Netting is a durable and versatile solution for all your poultry farming needs. Made from high-quality polyethylene, it ensures long-lasting use and resistance to weather elements. Its unique knotted design provides extra strength and stability, preventing breakage and ensuring the safety of your poultry.

– Lightweight yet robust, this netting is easy to install and manage. Ideal for creating enclosures, it offers ample space and ventilation for poultry, promoting a healthy environment. Whether you’re a small-scale backyard farmer or a large commercial poultry producer, this netting is an essential tool for efficient and effective poultry management.


Material  High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
 UV Resistant  Yes
 Twine Type  Multifilament
 Design  Knotted netting
 Color  Dark Green
 Mesh Size  2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 3.5 inch
 Depth  19.5 mesh – 42.5 mesh
 Length  280 mesh, 300 mesh
 Twine  380D/12Ply
 Stretching Method  Depthway stretched (DWS) or Lengthway stretched (LWS)
 Packing  PP Woven Bag

Key Features

  • Durable Material: Made with high-quality polyethylene, ensuring long-lasting use and resistance to weather elements.
  • Knotted Design: Offers superior strength and flexibility, making it ideal for enclosing poultry.
  • Easy to Install: Lightweight and manageable, allowing for quick and straightforward setup.
  • UV Resistant: Specially treated to withstand sun exposure, preventing degradation and maintaining integrity over time.
  • Safe for Animals: Designed to be gentle on poultry, preventing injuries while keeping them securely contained.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for creating chicken pens, garden fencing, or protecting plants from birds.
  • Customizable Sizes: Available in various dimensions to suit different enclosure needs and space requirements.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep, saving time and effort for users.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from recyclable materials, promoting environmental sustainability.
  • Attractive Appearance: Blends well with natural surroundings, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your space.


1. Poultry Enclosures Primarily used for creating secure and safe areas for chickens and other poultry to roam, feed, and rest, protecting them from predators and preventing escape.
2. Garden Protection Effective in safeguarding gardens and crops from damage by chickens or other small animals.
3. Temporary Fencing Ideal for creating temporary enclosures or partitions within a yard or on a farm, useful for rotational grazing or separating different animal groups.
4. Bird Barriers Used in orchards or vineyards to prevent birds from accessing and damaging fruit.
5. Support for Climbing Plants Acts as a trellis to support the growth of climbing plants and vegetables, ensuring they grow in an organized and healthy manner.
6. DIY Projects Versatile for various home and garden DIY projects, such as creating compost bins, decorative garden features, or pet enclosures.


Q1: What is heavy duty poultry netting?

Heavy duty poultry netting is a type of netting specifically designed for poultry applications. It is made from polyethylene, a durable plastic material, and features a knotted design.

This design makes the netting more sturdy and resistant to tearing, which is essential in containing and protecting poultry such as chickens, ducks, and other birds.

The plastic material is preferred over metal or wire alternatives due to its lightweight nature, flexibility, and resistance to rust and corrosion. This makes it more durable and long-lasting in various weather conditions.

Q2: Is poultry netting the same as chicken wire?

Poultry netting and chicken wire are often used interchangeably, but they can be different.

Chicken wire is a hexagonal wire netting used for fencing chickens, typically made from galvanized steel wire. Poultry netting, on the other hand, can refer to a broader range of materials, including plastic netting, and is used for a variety of poultry, not just chickens.

It’s important to choose the right type based on your specific needs, such as the size of the mesh and the durability of the material.

Q3: How long does heavy duty poultry netting last?

Heavy duty poultry netting typically lasts between 3 to 5 years. The longevity of the netting depends on various factors such as environmental conditions, exposure to sunlight, and physical stress.

Polyethylene is known for its resistance to weather elements, which contributes to the netting’s durability. Regular maintenance and proper installation can also extend its lifespan.

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