Blue Mesh Shade Cloth

  • Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE)

  • UV stabilized: Yes

  • Shade percentage: 30% – 90%

  • Width: 1m -12m

  • Color: Typically available in blue, green, or black


Mesh Shade Cloth is designed to provide an efficient and reliable solution for shading and protecting your outdoor spaces.

Made with durable and high-quality materials, this cloth ensures optimal breathability, allowing air to flow freely while reducing the intensity of sunlight.

Easy to install, it’s perfect for gardens, patios, swimming pools, and other outdoor areas, offering both shade and comfort. The UV-resistant material ensures the cloth retains its strength and color, providing long-lasting performance.


  Material  High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  UV stabilized  Yes
  Colors  Typically available in blue, green, or black
  Width  1m -12m
  Length  Available in various length, often customizable
  Shade percentage  30% – 90%
  Weaving  Raschel
  Packing  Plastic Bags in Rolls or Pieces
  Installation  Easy to install with eyelets or clips
  Maintenance  Low maintenance, easy to clean

Key Features

  • UV Protection: Effectively blocks harmful UV rays, protecting you and your belongings from sun damage.
  • Durable Material: Made of high-quality, long-lasting fabric that’s resistant to wear, tear, and weather conditions.
  • Versatile Use: Great for gardens, patios, swimming pools, or any outdoor area that needs shade and UV protection.
  • Breathable Fabric: Allows air to circulate freely, ensuring a comfortable, well-ventilated space.
  • Customizable Size: Available in various sizes and can be easily cut to fit your specific needs without fraying.
  • Low Maintenance: Easy to clean with just soap and water, keeping it looking fresh and new.
  • Eco-friendly: Made of recyclable materials, contributing to environmental conservation.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Its blue hue not only offers functional benefits but also adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.


shading net for plants
net for sun shade
Garden Shade Protects your plants and flowers from harsh sunlight, allowing them to grow beautifully and healthily.
Greenhouses Moderates light and temperature, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth and development.
Poultry Housing Provide your poultry with a cooler environment, promoting their well-being and productivity.
Patio Cover Create a cooler space to relax, protecting you and your furniture from UV rays and excessive heat.
Vehicle Shade Shield your vehicle from direct sunlight, maintaining a cooler interior and protecting the paint job.
Play Areas Safeguard your kids’ play zones, ensuring a comfortable playtime, even during the hottest days.


Q1: What is the most effective mesh shade cloth?

The most effective mesh shade cloth depends on its intended use. For general gardening, a shade cloth with 50-70% shade rating is often recommended as it provides a balance between sun protection and light penetration. Ensure the material is UV-stabilized for longevity. Choose according to your specific needs.

Q3: What are the benefits of mesh shade cloth?

  • Improved Growth: In controlled lighting conditions, plants can often grow faster and healthier.
  • Temperature Control: Moderates temperatures, reducing the intensity of the heat during peak sun hours.
  • Water Conservation: By lowering evaporation rates, it helps to conserve water.
  • UV Radiation Shield: Blocks harmful UV rays, ensuring better protection for plants and livestock.
  • Pest Control: Can act as a barrier against certain pests, birds, or insects.

Q3: Is mesh shade cloth easy to install and maintain?

Yes, mesh shade cloth is generally easy to install and maintain.

  • Installation involves measuring and cutting the cloth to size, attaching it to a structure or supports, and securing it in place with ties or fasteners.
  • Maintenance typically includes regular inspections for damage, cleaning to remove dirt and debris, and occasional repairs or replacements as needed.

The cloth is durable and resistant to weather, so it doesn’t need frequent attention.

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